Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Guys. It's been 424 days since I last blogged. That's a mighty hiatus.

I just got super busy with uni and other stuff, and something had to give. And it turned out that that something was blogging. I still posted sporadically over on tumblr but Bears and Bunting saw no love for more than a year. I'd like people who read this that I do still read all of your blogs, I just don't comment as often as I used to, but I'd like to rectify that from now on.

So if there's anyone left out there, still reading this, hello there.

Anyway, just a short post, because I really ought to be heading out to uni (2 months off graduating!) about now. But I'll leave you with a photo of the newest addition to my body, my 5th tattoo. I try to let it inspire me every day, because we all just need to go for it more. Life is too short!

Excuse the blood...

It says: "Fortune favours the brave". Because it does.
Take care out there lovely people.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Nearly NSFW Treasure Hunt.

Yesterday was David's birthday! And because just giving him the present would have been boring, I made a tiny treasure hunt around his flat, that led to his present. Enjoy!
(Also, sorry about the bit that nearly gets a bit NSFW. I didn't realise until after!)

Psst...it looks best in 1080p!

Incase you couldn't hear, the clues were:

I'd use this to wrap presents. And it's not the paper!

Apparently, the more you eat of these, the more you toot!
Baked Beans. (From the song: Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot!)

When I use this I smell like sun tan lotion.
My Radox shower gel.

One of my favourite games, that features the voice of a rather handsome Irish fella.
Fallout 3. And the handsome fella is Liam Neeson.

"We all live in a yellow..."
Submarine! (Tea sub)

The last clue is hidden somewhere on my person. Hint: It's your favourite part. Well...parts!
Uhh...my boobies. Ha.

To the bedroom!

Oh and the present, incase you couldn't see it, was a Kindle. And the little parcel, was a leather case for it.
I'd been saying for ages how Kindles are destroying the book industry and how much I hate them, so he never expected me to buy him one!

So have you ever set up a treasure hunt for someone's present before?

Thursday, 24 February 2011

My Milk Toof.

My Milk Toof is one of my favourite web comics, because not only is it so adorable it hurts, but the time and effort that goes into making just one cartoon is unreal.

This is one of my favourite (Of many!) cartoons, just because Lardee is totally me in that instance.
I'm pretty sure I am actually Lardee...

And I got some good news in my Google Reader today: The book is being released next month!
Even the promo video is adorable!

Also, I'd like to say a big thank you to every one who followed my "artist's" Tumblr! I'm still getting used to it over there, but I'm enjoying the short, sharp posting. But I'm not enjoying it so much that it'll replace the blog. I promise!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Poppy Aitch.

Uni have been encouraging us to create an online presence for ourselves as art students, and seeing as this is more of a personal blog where I can write what I fancy, I decided to start a Tumblr for the arty things.
Said Tumblr, involves will involve things I find inspiring, designy things and little bits and bobs of my work.
There's also a link to my portfolio...that's currently empty, so please ignore that bit.

If any of you have a Tumblr, it'd mean the world to me if you followed mine.
And also, it would look like I have a few fans of my work. Ha.

Oh and no, I'm not closing Bears and Bunting down! I'm just starting something new.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Gravy Hands.

Whenever I go to pass the gravy to someone over the dinner table, my hands always shake like crazy and I spill it everywhere. Now, whenever my hands are a bit shaky when I'm doing something, my brothers call it "Gravy Hands".

Today, gravy hands struck again when I tried to take a photo of my new nail polish from Barry M and couldn't get a particularly good shot, so decided to make a video of the results instead. Enjoy!

Pssst...it looks best played in 720p!

The more I look at the lighting in this video, the more I think the photo looks best after all!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wonderful days are coming.

27 days. My bad, guys. I'm just a smidge uninspired lately. Not to mention being super lazy.

Anyway, moving on. February 10th marked three years of David and I being together! Luckily the 10th fell on a Thursday, and because I'm not needed in uni on Fridays, it meant I could get the train to his on the night and have a long weekend with him. Yay.

The top photo was on our way out for a meal on Saturday night, and the bottom one is of my gorgeous pudding! Chocolate brownie, chocolate cookie and custard. Nomnomnom. The rest of the weekend was spent being lazy, playing Xbox and watching films. It was perfect.

When we were first talking (before we'd even met!), David told me about this Korean film called Wonderful Days (It's called Sky Blue in this country for some reason) and ever since then I've wanted to see it and we finally watched it together this weekend! It also meant I could cross #52 off my list too.

The tagline at the end of the trailer is "Wonderful days are coming." and I remember watching it the first time and getting all goosebumpy thinking that wonderful days WERE coming because I was about to meet David.
Cheesy I know, but that's me!

Anyway, the film was really good, I'd definitely give it a watch, and this trailer too. See if it makes you go goosebumpy as well!

Regularly scheduled programming blogging will resume shortly. Hopefully. Haha.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Life is like a box of chocolates.

I mentioned on Twitter a few days after Christmas, that Bear had bought me a Mr. Pink Diana F+. (It's actually a much brighter pink in real life. This picture shows it better) After squealing for what seemed like a year, I set about taking some photos and here are just a few from the bunch of negatives I scanned this morning.
They're not that great, because obviously it was my first play with her, but hey ho!

The first ever picture on Diana! And it's a blurry Bear.
Well, who else would I want to spend the first shot on? =3

Hey there shaky hands.

Sorry about the overlap, the scanner was playing up.
This was my first attempt at a pinhole shot, where you take off the lens and just use the teeny hole underneath it. You pull the trigger down, then trap it in there so it's constantly exposing while stuff is happening around it. (Which I thought was crazy amazing! Here's a good example)
Can you make out my brother in the chair on the right, before he got up? I see legs!

This one was actually taken on a black and white film on New Year's Eve, but when I was scanning the negative, the scanner was still set on colour, so I got this cool glowy colour around it.

And finally: I tweeted this, this afternoon as I was scanning the negatives:

And here is the offending article:

Man alive, I was absolutely howling over the keyboard! The girls next to me that were so hip it hurt, didn't seem very impressed with me breaking the silence, but I care not. Look at me! I'm Quagmire for crying out loud!

Anyway, that's half the fun of lomography, you never know what you're gonna get!